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Ptolo6 XFCE/ Pacmanfm install


Pacman is all snowy white and not accepting my dark them like Thunar does.
Dug around in Qt settings. Must be missing something there ?

I assume you mean pcmanfm file manager.
Since you mention qt I assume you installed pcmanfm-qt
If so then it will not respect your current theme arrangements as XFCE uses GTK and pcmanfm-qt uses - well, QT.

OTOH why one would choose pcmanfm over thunar is another matter?

No. I just like fooling around. I didn't install the -qt version.But it IS qt based
Thunar can't be beat  ;)
I'll get it....and report back when I do  :o

pcmanfm is under very little development.   
--- Code ---
--- End code ---
     it can be seen that it has no QT dependencies.  sources are at sourceforge.

pcmanfm-qt is still under develpment is went with QT5 from the "git"-go   

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