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Dependency itch

Started by igemxrozb, March 20, 2021, 02:22:28 AM

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Viruses just windows, yup. IF you run VM with unix on windows it may get bugged even if VM with windows on unix it will still get bugged. Is what I got from you.
I've noticed I/O issues long time ago, especially with league of legends.
Gaming platforms themselves are not worth investing in. Something raw is worth it. You don't go blinding the hardware and jump to games.
Perhaps windows LTSC high-end or entry licenses will fix something. As if license is for stealing from unix?
I know it's not official, but it is still Ubuntu 20.04 which was released 21x0x21 years ago correct me if am wrong, haha. Same for HWinfo64 7.0, but says recently.


HEre I will leave contact. IGEMXROZB.BLOGSPOT.COM if you want a painting or designs for envelopes or studio recording with music.
Though my internet was running for 2 days at 50mbps with upload/download or so, then it went to 5mbps from some attack probably here.


Linux and other OSes have viruses too. It's a question of popularity really. The more Linux becomes popular, the more viruses and vulnerabilities will be discovered (see: recent sudo vulnerability). It just might handle all this better than Windows, because of a different architectural approach, but it's sill gonna happen eventually.

Actually the first thing I do when choosing hardware is to look at gaming setups. I don't like compromises, so the hardware needs to be top notch (I also don't change it very often - once every 5+ years, that's why it needs to be powerful). My current setup is nearing it's life (about a year to go) and still, I've got Windows on SSD and Linux on HDD - that's because Windows on SSD is bearable and Linux on HDD works good enough (where SSDs are at least 10 times faster than HDDs).

BTW. Ubuntu 20.04 was first released about a year ago (20 is for year - 2020, 04 is for month - April). They have a "2 times per year" release cycle: in April and in October, hence the versioning XX.04 and XX.10 every half a year.
There's no such thing as "impossible". :)


Unless you create sensitive information in disaster. SSD is always useful
That's funny how people keep creating viruses for nothing just to discover nothing.
Thought - Sparky can try corporate with ThinCast or FreeRDP

[modified] So it's just software you say, what do they have a whole motherboard of god knows what kind of metals above or underneath?
IF it could be just that by meaning software is best solution to quit smoking for example, cause of viruses always taken ton of narc. I mean time to setup computer for nice life even if you have no heritage from fams whatsoever.
TAkes just as saggy as isolated air flat solomon fish opener or a toy car little that rides by rubber squeeze on plastic, shoots out, let it be in software.
Front-end plain encryption usually and good firewall software kills viruses, "Encryption" as in always corrupted but not on client side, frequency signals "corrupted". Plain lock. So basing all software on first party. Like calling things PUBLIC with PRIVATE just by integrity people cannot access my BLOGSPOT if they have bad passport for example, haha or bad employment, it's a pluss.


BEfore we spread this topic. Just need help with one more thing. I do not understand how to run ISO files or IMG Files in ISO for linux from linux to install software?
I do mount, but I do not know how to install. Guess I do not have to. Get-apt and debian and flatpaks are enough with wine and stuff for gaming. Or PlayOnLinux incapable of always installing an executable from windows


Windows operating systems really independent off any antivirus, or any operating system, in the end think it will be just COMODO Itarian, scanning codes in depth, characters and network

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