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Cant find installed app anyway.


I am using Sparky GO edition.
I've recently downloaded the deb file of cryptowatch desktop from, installed sucessfully but cant find it anywhere in the start menu or search menu.
Sorry I am new at Linux...

Dear New at Linux.  For future problems it is appreciated to use the text program "inxi" to show details of your system that could aid us in finding solutions.   

In this case - for whatever DE (Desktop Environment) you have, you can try starting it in a terminal.  Others might have some ideas of what the cause of your binary not being added into the menu.

I do wish to caution you about blindly installing things.  Some of them are toxic, bad, evil.   Some poorly designed and buggy.   Some are severely out of date.   Please do your due diligence before installing things outside of aptus.   

And if you are new, I strongly recommend you to run Sparky5 - the stable branch.   

Hi. I've checked the .deb file and it doesn't seem to have anything extraordinary. There is a desktop entry in the package, so it should normally create a menu entry.

What desktop environment are you using? Based on what you told about using GO, I reckon it's XFCE or Openbox?

Things you can check anyway:

1. Did the package install successfully?
Try running the following command from the terminal and see if the app starts:

--- Code: ---/usr/bin/cryptowatch
--- End code ---

2. Try re-logging in. Sometimes menu entries show after restarting your current session.

If the menu entry didn't appear after relogging in, then you can try another thing. From what I saw, some packages do additional menu installation commands in package post-installation steps, but I don't see those for cryptowatch.

You can try doing that manually with the command (might need sudo):

--- Code: ---xdg-desktop-menu install /usr/share/applications/cryptowatch.desktop
--- End code ---


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