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Dependency itch

Started by igemxrozb, March 20, 2021, 02:22:28 AM

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HI I am completely new to Unix systems. I Saw that there is a beta driver for Intel HD graphics 4400 of vulkan for higher demanding games, that must mean that it only needs a driver not a support within hardware really. So i thought that i can install vulkan on my Sparky also having i5 4th generation processor.
Could you please also help me get all dependencies and repositories? Because I cannot install many debian files because many installations say "Dependency is not satisfiable" and I'd really hate to bypass that

Currently I See my computer has healed and give thanks as you are quite the least demanding on hardware if not most Unix operating system package. Running very smoothly. Cannot be compared to windows which requires antivirus all the time aside sophos maybe.


1. What Sparky version / editions you have?
2. Try to refresh package list:
sudo apt update
3. What package you can not install? Show an output of broken installation:
sudo apt install package-name
4.Did you add any 3rd party repositories?
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SparkyLinux version 6 Po-Tolo if that's enough information, thanks.
Can I Get software center separately? Because Sparky is using Aptus AppCenter
When I refreshed it said I can upgrade 17 packages which I had most likely manually installed after updates.
May have added third party repositories

Trying to install COMODO For linux debian package
cav-linux : Depends: libssl0.9.8 (>= 0.9.8m-1) but it is not installable

E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.
I already installed libssl1.0.0 and other but am unable to locate libssl 0.9.8 it says that libssl version 0.9.8 is referred to as different program "Package libssl0.9.8 is not available, but is referred to by another package.
This may mean that the package is missing, has been obsoleted, or
is only available from another source"
So perhaps the COMODO linux is outdated over all?

Also installing tar.gz file does not work which is a sound converter, the ./configure command within its directory says "no such path or directory" and skipping configure command make install command gives out different error which is
sudo make
git log 3fd8.. --pretty --numstat --summary | git2cl > ChangeLog
fatal: not a git repository (or any of the parent directories): .git
cat ChangeLog.old >> ChangeLog
cat: ChangeLog.old: No such file or directory
make: *** [makefile:9: changelog] Error 1
Anyway the ./configure command gives out no path before doing sudo make install on tar.gz

Also trying to install Vulkan and DVTX or what was it called for League of Legends if you can help me with that.

I was wondering if there is a package to install all repositories and dependencies. Some other cool stuff you could note out for me to do. I know that Sparky uses 256MB of RAM or so, definitely staying with sparky

[Modified] And if you could show me how to run Microsoft Office OneNote? PlayOnLInux didn't work out, but I got word, excel, powerpoint installed.
Really enjoy drawing and writing in oneNote is there a linux software to draw and write in? Best system and portable drive encryption software? You could move this thread to general if you like or miscalinous


There is no Software Center in Debian and Sparky repos, but you can use Synaptic which is already installed.

Quotecav-linux : Depends: libssl0.9.8 (>= 0.9.8m-1) but it is not installable
It means you can not install it on any version of Sparky - the dependency version is too old to be installed.
To fix it run:
sudo apt install -f

Compiling packages from source is not recommended for new Linux users.
Mayby a package you need is in Debian or Sparky repos, just check:
sudo apt policy package-name
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Is there a way to see all packages in GUI or list the available packages with description? That's why I Thought of software center. Even with -F command it failed, guess its so outdated that I do not need any anti malware for new Linux, if this was Ubuntu then I'd definitely know I do not need antivirus.
Shows this with -f "Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have
requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable
distribution that some required packages have not yet been created
or been moved out of Incoming." and again "cav-linux : Depends: libssl0.9.8 (>= 0.9.8m-1) but it is not installable"

Still cannot get tar.gz files to install, thanks.


I see. Tried  git clone with ./ and it said for a package
"Error: setup script does not support your distro token sparky."
Well that should change in time right? You're just looking out for bad things? I wanted to install synchronization cloud application


A security question - I only see firewall as the only option for security and i really like that. I have dedicated IP and ports can be opened, can I surely allow all inbound? Will it change anything? Perhaps sparky has remote shell by default and you can do something for measures. But over all this is nice and seems useless to edit anything in Linux security, just using it for speed, stability, even quality / better than windows when I looked at pictures I could see all reality pixels unlike windows colliding and blurring pixels out in every executable picture viewer application. Multimedia, browsing, gaming, hosting. Don't need anything else. That cloud application would been nice though, but your Sparky said it's not ready for old stuff? Distro not supported"


Since it is like that and just internet with Linux, I will go back to Itarian Dome DNS


You should move sparky to states, who supports 256MB OS in 2021 :)


Quotebut your Sparky said it's not ready for old stuff? Distro not supported"

The comodo web pages state it is for Unbuntu 12 -Debian 6 - that would be about 2012. 9 years old   Which for computers is ancient. Ancient crap has security holes.   

For me, the only time I use linux  anitivirals has been when I am fixing friends computers with windows.  I have not done that since 2017, I am not current of which ones work.    The trojans, etc are frozen in place when I use a live linux antiviral. Kaspersky used to be what I used, but it goes back and forth for what has.       The Trojans and viruses in Windows affect Linux systems extremely rarely. 

Edit    So I get rid of some trojans that their daughters picked up on recipe sites, it works better and I gave the computers back to my friends to use windows. 

Security,   For the Debian ecosystem of which Sparky is a variant, the least secure version is Testing - which is presently Sparky 6.   Even more so at this point of time with the Freeze.  As you said you are new.   Sparky 5 is more reasonable for people new to Linux.   If you have a very very new computer with cutting edge video GPU, maybe you would do better with Sparky Semi-Rolling 6.  Stable - Sparky 5 is the most secure.   The Debian core of Sparky is quite serious about security. 

If you need a gui for updates, as above, try Synaptic, I personally do not believe in GUIs for Testing.   But also try aptus. 

And as above.   Please avoid installing  targz's and from outside PPA's - repositories.  I can almost 100% guarantee that if you do, you will have immense huge bigly problems. 

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Actually, the whole antivirus thing is a bit of a stretch. AV software runs on elevated privileges most of the time, so you're forced to trust, that this code doesn't have any vulnerabilities on it's own. Another things against AVs is that they're good for scanning known threats only. 0-days, new viruses/malware/etc. won't be found until the AV has knowledge of them, that is knows their signatures - heuristics are not an option, as it's impossible to distinguish if a given elevated syscall is legit or malicious.

What you can do:
- don't ever work with elevated privileges, unless you're consciously changing configuration (installing something);
- use only software from confirmed sources (no shady software download websites);
- keep an up-to-date backup of important files (at least once a week);
- don't go into shady websites, which might try to exploit any knows or unknown (publicly) vulnerabilities;
- have a stock firewall running, to close off any ports you don't use -not using them is one thing, but it's not you, who will be using them during an attack, so seal them off ;)
- keep your software updated.

It's a little mantra thing, that you'll find everywhere, but it works. I've been using it for years with Linux and Windows. Never had to install any AV (aside from Defender, which is in-stock on Windows) and never had any infections (because basically I never provoked any of them). The best security software in the world is always "Common Sense 2021 Edtion" (at the time of writting this). ;)
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Heard it is so. Cool, cool. Thanks! Then why even offer containment and HIPS as if they are they ones that will do something as COMODO does for example on Windows. I always used Windows, were the times when I did the same. Windows quite works slow if it is not Windows 7 home premium.
Have not installed any tar.gz yet, thanks for that. I learned a pretty about Linux past days. I may switch to Ubuntu Game Pack 20.04 which is also the latest Ubuntu from official? What you think about that? Will it eat my computer performance like WIndows 10?


I Find unix very useful for decoding, encoding multimedia and "cat' command is very useful on i5 5th and intel hd graphics 4400


But CS GO just freezes at broken fang after animation as expected with OpenGL and League of legends shows black loading yellow image after login and does not go further, cannot browse or see anything in Windows Steam version on Linux from lutris after login, shows black and library is black


When it comes to containment, then these days even web browsers have sandboxes, to contain any code, that might be executed. So do AVs and other software (like Sandboxie or virtual machines which run whole systems), but it's all still software which can contain bugs. Those can lead to exploits, which in turn can also allow to escape the sandbox. It doesn't matter if it's an AV, VM or anything else. While they provide additional layers of security, it's not bullet-proof, can be bypassed and you should always exercise caution instead of relying on them too much.

As for Linux, just find a distro you're comfortable with. Ubuntu was always the one that was advertising itself as user-friendly (btw. Game Pack is not an official Ubuntu release - it's a derivative). Sparky tries to achieve the same with Debian (we're a Debian-based derivative). There are also other that try to mimic the Windows experience as much as possible, to help people transition easier.

As for performance - it depends. In overall feel Linux will always outperform Windows. Windows is always I/O-heavy, constantly reading/writing something to disk (to this day I don't know what the heck it is doing). Windows 7 and up try to hide this fact away from the users (they're still lagging behind the scenes though). Using Windows without a good SSD drive is a misunderstanding (HDD are simply too slow to handle it). Linux on the other hand doesn't have this issue. When it's idle, it's really idle - it doesn't go sculpturing new paths on the hard drive like Windows does. ;)

That being said, there's one thing that's still better on Windows: gaming. Gaming on Linux is very inconsistent and experiences vary from setup to setup. Most games are emulated (via Wine and co.) which introduces another layer of abstraction, which in turn chips away at the raw efficiency Linux provides. The overall experience is that some games will run better, others will run worse and there's no consistency about it. Game devs also don't want to invest time in Linux due to library inconsistencies (compare Debian Stable vs Testing vs Ubuntu vs Arch - different distros, different library versions, a whole lot of fragmentation). It's something Steam tries to cope with with it's runtime, but that's one company's effort. The other reason is a small market - under 1% of gamers use Linux. That, with the aforementioned inconsistencies gives an environment that's hardly worth investing in (from game dev's perspective at least), but it also doesn't stop some from trying (Steam, some indie game devs and it wouldn't stop me either, because once stabilized, this environment can really give a lot in return).
There's no such thing as "impossible". :)

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