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SOLVED: delete /home/pccobbler/.config/google-chrome


I was directory surfing while uninstalling Brave, Chromium, and Vivaldi browsers and found a directory /home/pccobbler/.config/google-chrome. I never installed Chrome (I think), so is it installed by default in Sparky Linux assuming that most people use Chrome? Could I delete it without any problems?


--- Code: ---~/.config/google-chrome$ tree
└── NativeMessagingHosts
    └── com.expressvpn.helper.json

--- End code ---

This box I am on is not Sparky, but Deb Stable. 

Is chromium installed?    That is the more opensource version of Chrome. 

You might want to examine its contents (ncdu and tree are good tools to use)   As you can see, mine is very minimal.   

Thanks for the reply. Yes, Chromium was installed for a few minutes until the dreaded keyring dialog appeared. I will peruse the contents as you suggested.


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