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Xin chào from Saigon

Started by Peppe, March 05, 2021, 07:56:55 AM

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Hello to everyone from Vietnam. Although I am not a local here, I have been living here for almost 5 years now and will continue to do so. Linux-wise my last 3 years have been evenly split between Debian and Arch based (although I started out with Suse when it was still shipped with a manual and 6 CD's and with ubuntu 5.04).
From Mint Cinnamon to Manjaro Cinnamon and then onto Openbox: Arcolinux, and mainly ArchLabs and BunsenLabs. Always in favour of very minimal installations and love the concept of rc.xml, tint2 and jg- or obmenu. Tweaking galore ;-) Because I wanted to know and use Debian some more (just like in BunsenLabs) I decided to give Sparky Minimal GUI a go. And I am really impressed. Next to that ootb styling is great. Keep up the great work, thanks for a great experience so far. All the best, Mark


Always wanting to help. +100%

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