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Author Topic: Hello I've heard Good things Im Here to do the Learning  (Read 678 times)

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Hello I've heard Good things Im Here to do the Learning
« on: February 26, 2021, 04:07:58 pm »
Hello Sparky community

I come from a novice computer background heavily influenced by Amiga and DOS as well as windows. I've always loved tinkering and learning how electronics software hardware does its thing "usually the hard way." Grew up in a DOS and AMIGA home early 80's upstate New York. Not far From where colecovisions were being made in Amsterdam NY. I had a colecovision not an Atari and the difference was apparent even to me at that young age. My first experience with a computer was the amazing Amiga 500 I believe this was the model my stepfather brought home.  At age 7 or 8 This was the most amazing machine I had ever seen. The Graphics were well spectacular and amazing every bit as beautiful as the giant machines in the Arcade.  I was a very lucky little boy and although the amiga Wasn't the success or as popular here in the states as it had been in England with the huge community of gamers trading disks and cassettes. I loved the amiga we had and played with it all the time even after we got a Nintendo. My first actual Windows machine was ME edition and i got the Big Book from the Library and tweaked and messed with everything i could to get it to play titles like Baldars Gate Ghost Recon And Darj Ages of Camelot. all my early interest in computing was game driven.  Now with a lot of time on my hands i intend to put my attention to learning about the linux os types and flavors. Sparky seemed like a good fit and so here i am Thank you.
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