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Sparky in "concern" of MY fault

Started by piotrfr, February 20, 2021, 11:38:13 PM

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Hello all (and excuse me but i'm a french who speaks english like a spanish cow ...)

I wanted to clean my pc running with Sparky using FsLint ...
Error on my part, because by merging the duplicates, everything is cleaned up but the "whole" is surely a little too heavy ...
I find myself at startup with my files which are in "/ home / login" on my desktop? (smplayer, Downloads, Molotov ...)
It's a shame because before, they were present, in "/ home / login" but invisible on the desktop!

it smacks of false manipulation on my part ...

Is there a solution for this?

thanks for help coming

good end of the day to all


Souci résolu avec Clonezilla...
Bonne journée à toutes et tous

Concern resolved with Clonezilla ...
Good day to everyone


Not a solution but a word about the status of fslint.


QuoteI tested Czkkawka, and it looks and acts exactly like fslint. It seems relieable to me and i testetd different scenarious (find dupes, find big files etc).
The programer is a genius
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