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Reverse Engineering Other Debian Based Distro

Started by Jack5665, January 16, 2021, 10:46:19 AM

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This thread and question is only for "hardcore advanced hackers" and Sparky main dev Mr Pijanowski. Others are required to immediately skip reading and refrain from spamming this thread. Please go away.

There is another Debian based distro (only based on Buster, but not on testing) that gets something right. Could you check how they did it and post the solution here?

They nailed the solution on font rendering. I don't know exactly what they did, but they even got java(jar) font rendering. Its top of the list of any distro in terms of rendering. They even got such a setup that surpassed Ubuntu font rendering (i.e. they do not have grey, washed out text of Ubuntu, but a nice one black but without the addition of stem darkening). After seeing such a great rendering, I simply cannot go back. No I can't. No way. Its simply impossible.

I would love someone to reverse engineer what they did. If Rejewski and Zygalski could. I think Pijanowski can too.  :D :)

What did they do? Can't find anything named "infinality" or freetype in their repo.  So what kind of packages and settings did they apply? Magic Freetype? Magic Cairo? Magic antialias? Magic color filtering? Magic global "etc"settings? There are absolutely no errors in the shape, quality, color filtering, antialias and so on. Zero.

Oh and I forgot to name the distro (solydxk -please reverse engineer the KDE ver. , ie SolydK).

I hope its not beyond your coding skills.


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