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Kernel panic message

Started by pesho, December 31, 2020, 05:14:58 AM

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I wanted to test SparkyLinux on an old PC (AMD Sempron 2300+, 1GB RAM) so I downloaded the sparkylinux-5.13-i686-minimalgui.iso and burned a CD with it.
It was working nice so I decided to install it on my hard drive.
So I run the Advanced Installer and followed the steps. Everything went ok, except that the GRUB didn't got installed but I figured out hot to fix this.
Then when the new installation was booting I got a kernel panic message (see the screen shot attached).
Does anybody can help fixing this error?


Stable version. Minimal gui good
Age of machine.   If other distros went on, I would not worry about the fault being in hardware.  And it did function in the live mode.   
NOTE:   Web browsing will be slow and some web pages will stall with the just 1 GB of memory.   Other programs should not have problems.   I know that is not important right now, I have stopped using atom CPUs with 1 gb due to failing hardware and s   l   o   w   browsing. 

Some would ask if you "hashed" the cd, using md5sum or sha512sum   But it did install.

If you used uefi for the install, that would not work, but I highly doubt that you did.   

When you are booting, you should get what is called a "grub boot screen" which will be there for about 10 seconds.    If you have access to an older kernel (you might not as it is a new install) try that

Next thing I would try is to look at logs, I would first go with looking at journalctl.    It is part of systemd  Either
"sudo journalctl -b -0"                          #####   The " means to copy what is between them           or   as root
"journalctl -b -0"       

You can use grep to search i.e.
"sudo journalctl -b -0 | grep ailed"       ####   will show you all instances of Failed and failed in  (flags)   -B 0 (messages starting at boot)      (the zeroth log, you  would see the  first or previous log with flags -B 1

That might give you a little more info. 

If you are dual or triple booting OS's (operating systems) please let us know.   

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


I agree it's an old machine by I indent to use it just as a print server.
I didn't use UEFI as the machine doesn't support it.
Yes, I'm getting the GRUB boot screen with few options and I'm able to boot Sparky or Windows XP.
Unfortunately I don't have an old kernel to try.

About the logs - I'm new with Linux so could you tell me how to check the logs?
Do I have to boot the Live CD,  mount the Linux partition, use chroot and then check the logs?

Thanks for the help.


Possibly something to do with acpi and/or apic .   They are different things, but sometimes the way they were programmed by the mother board make them work less well on linux or even  not at all.       Others might have some say as to the benefits of having them (apci and apic)  set to be off for the kernel and how to do that.   

Yes, I believe you could try to view the logs via the Live CD.
If you can chroot , you can fix about anything in linux.   I am not that experienced with it. 
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.

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