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< Solved> Update grub, you have chosen not to update grub

Started by Oulik, December 12, 2020, 09:07:00 PM

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Hope you can help.

Running the Sparky Linux version 2020.12 64 bit XCFE
I did a full system upgrade with Aptus and I could see that the new kernel got installed, but ...
I got into a kind of grub update menu, gave me the option SDA (which is the main hard drive (Toshiba) and when I did enter the menu gave me the message "You have chosen not to update grub" continue, yes, No.
No gave me a loop and eventually after clicking yes Grub was not updated
Really weird. What must I do?


1.  Are you sure that the Sparky is version 2012.12  ??

via Wikipedia

QuoteThe project was born on October, 2011 as an Ubuntu remix with Enlightenment as the default desktop having the name ue17r (Ubuntu Enlightenment17 Remix). After a few months of testing, the base system has been changed to Debian and it was renamed to SparkyLinux.
That would be one very very old Sparky realease.

Please post the output of    "inxi -br"   That will clear up many questions.
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.



When Grub is updating and ask you whre put the GRUB bootloader, if you had it installed as standard /dev/sda, you should navigate via arrow key down/up to the /dev/sda and press the space bar to mark the device to be GRUB installed to. Then confirm.

If you did not reboot your os, try to fix it:
sudo apt install --reinstall grub-pc
or 'grub-efi' depens what you have installed.
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Thank you for your reply.

That is probably what my problem is, I didn't know how to confirm. I tried to double-click, right click, double right click, enter, tab, but not the space bar.
It is certainly not very intuitive.

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