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How to install additional keyboard layout?

Started by noddari, November 24, 2020, 06:49:59 PM

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This is my first time using Linux. So far, I'm happy with the experience and how fast my old machine feels. However, I'm having a problem regarding a keyboard layout.

Normally, I'm using two layouts - English International and Georgian QWERTY. There are two options for Georgian in  Sparky - ergonomic and Georgian MESS (there are other two, but they're actually Russian, NOT Georgian!). Ergonomic layout is outdated layout, that is not used by a single soul, so it's pretty much useless, unless someone has a special need. The MESS is ok with a problem, it is almost similar to normal QWERTY, but "accented" letters (not really accented, but Georgian has 33 letters, so those extra 5, that can't correspond with Latin letters), are corresponding with characters shows as follows:
შ [
ღ ]
თ ;
ჩ '
ძ /

Instead, in normal Georgian QWERTY, which is used by the vast majority of devices, the aforementioned letters are corresponding the following letters BUT UPPERCASE:

შ S (shift + s)
ღ R (shift + r)
თ T (shift + t)
ჩ C (shift + c)
ძ Z (shift + z)

Is there any chance to get the "normal" QWERTY Georgian keyboard layout? 


Try sudo dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
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