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<RESOLVED>they are the same kernel?

Started by mdre808, November 22, 2020, 03:41:36 AM

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My kernel is sparky, after I intalled debian kernel, it is still sparky kernel. So sparky kernel and debian kernel are same? Otherwise what is the difference, whcih is better, and if debian kernel is better, how to change sparky to debian?


Those kernels are not the same. Debian kernel is maintained by debian kernel team and Sparky kernel is ''home brew'' maintained by Pavroo. Difference between them is simple. Debian kernel contains patches and modifications that Debian kernel team deem good for their distribution. With Sparky kernel situation is bit different. Pavroo tries to keep Sparky kernel ''clean'' and close to Torvalds mainline kernel.
By defult grub boots into newest kernel and sparky kernel is always newer then Debian kernel. So to boot into debian kernel you have to select advanced options for sparky gnu/linux in grub menu and pick debian kernel from there.
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If they have little difference, I'd like to choose the newer one, sparky; plus choosing the alernative seems troublesome to a newbie(me), clearly no need to bother to do so. Sparky is decribed as clean, that's ideal for my needs.

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