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apt-cash-ng <SOLVED>

Started by klein5366, November 03, 2020, 09:04:01 PM

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good day
i have a computer set up with apt-cash-ng installed , it works well with the exception it isn't cashing sparky.
how can i add: 
deb core main
deb-src core main
deb nibiru main
deb-src nibiru main

it is cashing :
i think it has something to do with https but i'm unsure of how to fix it, i was hopping someone on here could help me.


Not much of a help but there are some information about this topic in apt-cache-ng user guide
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i made an oops after installing sparky 5.11 7x, i then went back to work on the proxy,
witch for this particular computer i never installed the proxy file.  installing the proxy file worked as expected   

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