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Trinity Installer is Broken

Started by daemonspudguy, November 09, 2020, 11:22:53 PM

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When you try to install Trinity with APTus or run apt-get install sparky-desktop-trinity, it says that it depends on kscreensaver-trinity, which doesn't exist anymore.


I have an installation of Trinity based on Sparky 5 CLI, add Trinity repos and install tde-base 14.09 plus bits

The base install does not include the screensavers, but kscreensaver-trinity installs as a meta package pulling in the other stuff and it all works fine.

Anything that has a screensaver as a drop dead dependency may need a bit of re-thinking..... ::)

TDE 14.09 has fixed a whole lot of little niggles and it works well.


Fixed, refresh package list and try again, thanks.
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