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LX Qt 0.16.0

Started by bin, November 09, 2020, 10:17:39 AM

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I have no knowledge of how hard this might be.

Just wondering if the latest version of LX Qt can be made available in the Sparky Repos for the current LXQt stable version please?


If you are using Debian Testing repos... LXQt will probably show up a month or two after it releases.  If you are using Debian stable, you might be very old when you see it. 

If you want to try compiling it on your own... an adventure awaits you.

But you might want to read this before doing anything at all. 
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I'll choose patience. Sparky hasn't hicupped once.....even on 'rolling"...


It seems Debian LxQt maintainer ( who was also one of main LxQt developers ) left the project. If may take some time before some one volunteers to take his position.
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Quote from: Murdock2525 on November 10, 2020, 04:37:11 PM
I'll choose patience. Sparky hasn't hicupped once.....even on 'rolling"...
Agreed patience is best and as mentioned "Sparky hasn't hiccuped once" on my semi-rolling so I'll wait until it's released.

As long as the existing default LXQt 0.14.1 desktop is working I'm cool with that as the newest and latest software ain't always the best.
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