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how to disable touchscreen?

Started by drspastic, October 11, 2020, 10:12:48 PM

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so i have this old cf19 laptop that wont die. after the last cocktail was poured into it the touchscreen started making random moves and even after disassembly and cleaning. unplugging doesnt help because the wires still pick up static or something. i used to run ubuntu and could do xinput command to disable device 9 which was touchscreen.
now i have installed sparky and its running well but i cant disable touch because sparky doesnt use xinput.
how do i disable it? preferably some way tat i can add to startup script, or some way tat doesnt involve recompiling the kernel to remove touch support.


ps. i have never spilt a drink in my life. james... you are a prize plum!


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Here's a script I use...

#Touchpad on/off toggle script with notification.
#by ManyRoads

if synclient -l | egrep "TouchpadOff.*= *0" ; then
    synclient TouchpadOff=1
    DISPLAY=:0 notify-send \
               --urgency=normal \
               --icon=/usr/share/icons/HighContrast/32x32/status/touchpad-disabled.png \
               "Touchpad Disbled"
    synclient TouchpadOff=0
    DISPLAY=:0 notify-send \
               --urgency=normal \
               --icon=/usr/share/icons/HighContrast/32x32/devices/input-touchpad.png \
               "Touchpad Enabled";
exit 0;
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