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Broadcom BCM70012 CrystalHD Working, or Not?

Started by mbmalone, October 13, 2020, 05:36:43 PM

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I'm trying to use the latest SparkyLinux Live x64 on my old HP Mini 210 to watch 1080 H.264 Youtube Video which is too difficult for the under-powered atom cpu. I thought everything was working, but the cpu burden doesn't appear to have been reduced and at the beginning, the video is sort of blurred or something ... I am using a Broadcom BCM70012 Crystal HD addon board. I never could get it working under winblows and haven't been successful under Linux either.

I discovered Sparky seems to have built-in CrystalHD support and everything is working out of the box. I don't have any conflicting broardcom wireless, I swapped that.
Can anyone tell me if this is working properly?  and if so, why is my CPU burden still so high?

I have not installed Sparky, I am using it Live on USB!
I was using the default video player VLC

From the menu toolbar - Tools → Preferences → Input & Codecs → Codecs → Hardware-accelerated decoding → Automatic
The plugin "Crystal HD hardware video decoder" does appear in VLC Plugins and Extensions.
I saved the VLC settings and restarted VLC

lspci -v reveals no kernel driver or modules in use for the BCM70012 Video Decoder  :'(

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