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KDE Plasma as Sparky Linux Multimedia default desktop (just a thought)

Started by dksolarium, November 01, 2020, 11:26:08 PM

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Hi Pavroo  :)

is it viable to have KDE Plasma as the default desktop for Sparky Linux Multimedia?

this is just a thought as many users may or not prefer XFCE, but in terms of performance, would it be a good bet?

thanks in advance, have a nice week ^_^


Just general off the cuff remarks here.   

With a decent cpu, decent memory, ssd maybe - KDE would be quite stable in Stable.   All the bells and whistles for all the bells and whistles.   I did go with KDE for my new buster install on an older intel and board and 16 gb memory.   I did it because I thought I would have Waylandl   I did it wrong (as far as getting it to wayland)  and went back to LXQt, more my style, but KDE does have it's charms.   

More so in unstable than Rolling - testing - but KDE is a more difficult DE to navigate the upgrades.   What with the transition to KF5 and QT5 it is not as jerky as it was.    Still people report problems in there can be hiccups.   You can see the things that cause hiccups easily at the Siduction forum.   (No, I am not advising people to use unstable unless they are grounded in Debian, have time to spare and want to learn some more things in depth).

A side issue is the Debian KDE team.   The comments via Norbert Preining on the pace of KDE progress have softened, he has posted at Debian Planet about it and people comment about those same issues at Siduction.   These things would not in any way shape or form impact the KDE experience in Stable. 

peace out.   

Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.

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