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Megasync not working after update [SOLVED]

Started by Shalom52, October 11, 2020, 01:42:26 PM

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As I mentioned in my previous post Megasync works out of the box in my freshly installed and fully upgraded Sparky Potolo Lxqt. I see 2 possibilities: 1) Issue is already fixed and you simply need to upgrade your system, 2) issue is in your local config. Have your tried re-installation of your Lxqt config files with Aptus --> Desktop --> LxQt --> Reinstall ??
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Thanks again. I reinstalled LXQT as you suggested, but the problem remained. Tried reinstalling Sparkylinux rolling and did all updates. Same problem. So I tried installing Sparky stable edition. Voila! Megasync installed and worked perfectly. So for now I guess that's the solution. Appreciate all your help!

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