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Is SparkyLinux in trouble?

Started by mister-x123, September 12, 2020, 09:56:28 AM

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I was reading on their main page that they are desperately needing donations and to reach a donation target every month.
It got me wondering if those targets aren't met, will SparkyLinux be in trouble? What's the future look like for SparkyLinux?
I love this distro and wouldn't want to see it abandoned.
And yes I donated.


I guess the lack of replies tells me everything I need to know.
Have a good one and all the best


hi there. i figured most of the time, people come asking in the forum when they get stuck somewhere, it doesn't seem to be kind of a chatter forum. i donate some when i can and hope to help them with it, i'm keenly aware of rising server-and-whatnot costs all around.


Hello every person over there and have a Covid-free life for you all!
While I watched this topic, I was thinking. Please find some of my thoughts. Thanks for your paying patience in advance.
(1) I am a simple Sparker, neither an owner, maintainer or any similar, and must be taken a green-horner, not an IT-expert.
On the other side, we speak the same language, keep the SparkyLinux alive anyway. This is my favourite distro, too.
(2) I do not want to cross the rule, mind your own business, and do not know, how can I do it in this case. Sorry for the matter, when I would have no success.
(3) I think, the question has two important parts.
(3.1) Generally the whole mankind are in trouble, 2020 is a year of pandemic. And it seems 2021 will be the same. I suppose every person are in trouble anyway. The more or less, I wish the less for you all. Including both of the SparkyLinux as a body, and each of their participants, to be understood with the users like me. I am not in a position to solve this problem, only forced to wait and be optimistic. I hereby wish a good output for you all.
(3.2.) I think, the whole Linux World is in trouble nowadays. See details in the PCLinuxOS Magazine July, 2020 Edition under the article "The Microsoft's deadly love". This is not depend on the pandemic, and requires continuous steps for keeping the world of Linux alive. The question is how?
(4) Although I think, the possibilities are limited, but more than a single one.
(4.1) Look after the matter, and will see most of the distros "crying for help" nowadays. Some of them are quite aggressive in it. But each time can find any person who listen their voice and support them.
(4.2) Not only the donation is the way for keeping any distro alive. It is important, of course.
(4.3) When you look round in your life, you would find possibilities to find sponsors for SparkyLinux, whose advertisements could support SparkyLinux. People hates, when anyone try to sell them anything, but sponsoring is an other thing. It is a difference to buy anything and hope to sell anything as a result of advertisements. I do not promise to anyone to find sponsors, specially not in an easy way.
(4.4) Every person can furnish comments for SparkyLinux on such a websites, like the Distrowatch. Be careful, but try to do it. The more people, potential user, would hear about SparkyLinux, the more will try and use... I think, each positive comments and votes could support SparkyLinux.
(4.5) I have no presence on any of the social media, but thousands of people have and many of them spend their life on one or more of them. Simple comments could be taken as indirect offer of SparkyLinux. First of all, the positive ones, but when the people talks about SparkyLinux, it is more advantageous like nobody knows, what is SparkyLinux.
(4.5.1) If you are in a position to offer SparkyLinux for testing and publishing in trade websites and similar surfaces, their publicity can support SparkyLinux.
Every person has an own possibilities to support our distro anyway. Please do your best, thanks.
Have a nice days for you all,

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