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Author Topic: So very happy with Sparky!  (Read 673 times)

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So very happy with Sparky!
« on: August 16, 2020, 02:13:35 pm »
Hello! I am new to Sparky and have used Linux before. I am from Israel originally but travel around for the moment.
I just want to say im super happy with Sparky. I have some software that i use for 3D in a virtual world, i have invested real money there so for me i just cant afford not to be able to log in even.

On almost every Linux i have tried there has been something wrong with this in particular. Often lag and sudden crashes. On some Linux the program did not even run because of outdated things. On some it would run normal for a day or two, then error message came up and could not resolve it. So i was ready to give up and go back to iOS because i know that it works there without any problems.

So I did one last try with Sparky because i read some positive comments on youtube about it, and wow i am really really impressed! Everything that i need my computer to do it works! Its not even lagging when i do more heavy tasks. I mean seriously? This is awesome! I have now installed some really nice themes and created a wallpaper that i love. Now my computer feels better than ever before. Never did i expect Sparky Linux to work like this. Since its Debian based i can use the real software for a special app instead of trying to install a third part and all that annoying mess.

Please keep Sparky going!
Kudos to the awesome community.