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Delete any DE and exchange for other you select

Started by leonardom1967, July 02, 2020, 03:39:40 AM

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Hi good day for all the comunity

I start the SparkyLinux whith a LXQT distro installed but I like change to other because dont like this DE I use more LXDE XFCE and change first to LXDE go to the APTUS option and select LXDE DE install wait some time and later close the session and in the right corner select DE LXDE put the user login and the password and enter to the DE be selected.

But now need delete the before DE LXQT installed enter the APTUS go to DESKTOP section and select LXQT clic and delete the DE and ready to use it the new DE selected.


PD= Need manually delte the applications and other things and customize the new DE
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