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How I delete LXQT Desktop

Started by leonardom1967, June 28, 2020, 08:10:16 PM

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Hi I explain this post

I be install the LXQT version PparkyLinux but I like change for LXDE desktop because I use it more than LXQT.

The unique way I use it its download in APTUS LXDE desktop and close the session select the LXDE desktop and login.

But I like delete LXQT and only LXDE the desktop to use it thanks.

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There are something like 26 packages to mark as completely remove in synaptic so will should get them all.
in the terminal enter sudo apt purge lxdesudo apt autoremovesudo apt autocleansudo apt update also I always go back to synaptic click on status (in the box on the left) and choose "Not installed residual config" and mark for complete removal of all of those packages as well. Do all the above and you should have a pretty clean system.

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