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XFCE unstable on VirtualBox, window positioning

Started by BrianLinuxing, August 30, 2022, 04:24:11 PM

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Afternoon all,

Does anyone else use sparkylinux-2022.07-x86_64-xfce on a plain VirtualBox?

I hit a minor issue with the screen, the "OK"/confirmation button being out of view.

I'll be testing on a proper laptop much later on to get the necessary key, but I wondered if
anyone else had seen it before?

Thanks, Brian :)

PS: I am a great fan of Sparky Linux, a real gem!

PPS: screenshots to follow.


ALT I (for Install) works and the installation process kicks off nicely.

[For some reason I can't seem to attach an image. I'll have a cuppa and look again later]


Here it is, in my recent tweet.

Same happens with the reboot screen, the bottom buttons are not visible, in certain circumstances, with Virtual Box.

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