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Hello & General Inquiry

Started by Kyanite393, June 09, 2020, 03:35:53 PM

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Hi, I am new to linux, just got gameover 2020.05 installed on my system.

Thanks to the help of a few of you and many hours research/banging head on wall.

Now for the question.

For semi-rolling distros how do the programmers get feedback on errors to making them stable distros?

Is it just from communication like in this forum? Or does the semi-rolling distro have some type of auto reporting of errors to programmers?

Basically is newbs like me posting their problems/solutions/research an annoyance or benefit to the distro?  ;D

Thanks, nice to be here, hope I can sail the waters.


For machines running Sparky, we can see but not post bugs at the Debian Bug Tracking System.  When  a problem comes up, and you have an idea what program is doing it, go there first and look for bug in the 900K plus numbers.  Some day it will be in the 10 to the 6th.  Nimbler minds and nimbler fingers might have already identified the bug and possibly some help.  Also Sid-unstable is always at least 5 days prior for them to find the bugs.

There is also an irc channel for testing- sid   #debian-next.  Again, lurk watch, , but if they ask for /etc/apt/....   repos, they will (usually) say nicely, "sorry, only support for Debian."   Sparky has an irc for help.  Myself, I was following some irc's back in Winnipeg MB days, but am way too busy these days. 

The quickest things I would recommend learning is 1. how to cut and past from the terminal.  2.  How to output machine info to post for help via the lovely program "inxi",4614.msg12231.html#msg12231

3.  Use the "Sharp" button # to mark up machine output or data or code    as    code.  It is in the row above the emoticons.

peace out.
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


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