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Megasync upgrade loop

Started by Daemonicvs, April 30, 2020, 01:37:54 AM

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So, I have an issue regarding megasync,

I installed it using the APTus gui; and it sends the system into an upgrade loop, also, gives a message;

E: The repository ' unstable Release' does not have a Release file.

searching the forum, I found this similar topic :,5209.0.html
but in this case, it only happens after installing megasync, if I uninstall it, problem gone.

note that I only use the APTus gui, to add/remove programs.

I tried full-upgrade like the other topic suggested, it did not work.

I will not use the megasync package for the time being, I can use a browser just fine, but other users may have the same issue, hence this post.

Thank you,



It happens sometimes, so I suggest to refresh package list again.
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I ran sudo apt-get update && upgrade and the message I git was that mega wanted to downgrade the package, I let it. No problem

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