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Date and time bug (Sparky Stretch)

Started by RIA77, April 03, 2020, 10:49:06 AM

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Hello to all!
Thank you for this beautiful distro.
Working fine for me.
I have been using Debian 9 Sparky (not Buster).
Tried to change timezone and time, without any success.
I am located in Belgrade, Serbian.
My current time is - 10:45, Sparky is showing 19:16, and days are displayed acording to Norther Macedonia.
Tried with dpkg-reconfigure tzdata, without any success.
Quoteroot@linux-pc:~# dpkg-reconfigure tzdata

Current default time zone: 'Europe/Belgrade'
Local time is now:      пет, 03 апр 19:17:46 ACDT 2020.
Universal Time is now:  Fri Apr  3 08:47:46 UTC 2020.
But my time is 10:47 ? Thank you.


Hi. Did you relog after the dpkg-reconfigure?
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Yes. I have been facing that problem since fresh install, approx. 7 days ago.

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