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Thunar problem

Started by yosoyese, April 27, 2020, 01:12:56 AM

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I'm testing the stable branch of Xfce Sparky and I found a big problem: In Thunar, when I try to move or copy from a window to another window using drag and choosing an option of the menu with the right mouse botton, it's impossible to drag anything from the first window and, of course, the menu doesn't appear in the second one. The only way to copy or move something from one folder to another is using copy/paste commands. Dragging with the right mouse button is impossible in Thunar. It only happens in this version of Sparky, in the semi-rolling Sparky version Thunar works perfectly (and in other distros as well: Mint, MX, etc).

Is there any way to fix this behaviour?

Well, a couple o weeks later, and nobody tried to help me.

Thank you for nothing. I'll keep my box with MX Linux: At least they have a useful forum. Bye bye.

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