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{solved} Sparky installed on USB

Started by handy1912, April 15, 2020, 11:08:02 AM

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I am an unknowledgeable Sparky user and have installed Sparky on a 16G usb drive via another usb with live version using the advanced installer.
It is successfully installed and boots and operates well on my old Asus X543M where I run Linux mint ,  but will not boot on my Asus E402N where I have windows 10 and Linux Mint.
In my ignorance I assume it is something to do with the bootloader and windows 10.
If anyone is prepared to help I would be more than grateful as I think it probably as little to do with Sparky and more to do with set up of my laptop.


I'm guessing Asus X543M is old, BIOS machine. Where Asus E402N is newer UEFI laptop. Am I correct?
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The older machine does not have legacy boot enabled in the Bios so I assume it is uefi booting.
I will look in handbook of the newer machine and try and enable legacy boot.
When I boot the older machine with usb first in boot order in Bios I get grub listing the usb first then the Mint on the hard drive second.
In the newer machine even though the usb is listed first in Bios it does not boot I just get the normal grub offering of Mint first and then windows 10 bootloader second.
Thank you for your reply.


On looking in handbook of Asus E402N I learned that it was not possible tp boot in legacy mode.
My thinking the answer might be in bios was a red herring. I reinstalled the usb with Sparky from the same source live usb putting grub on the root partition.
Tried to boot on my E402N and once again nothing. I then went to Grub customiser and made Sparky default no1 boot.  When I have the Sparky usb in I get grub menu with Sparky highlighted and Mint and Windows there too. It now boots on both laptops.

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