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QT5 Restricted to Paying??

Started by paxmark1, April 12, 2020, 05:39:07 AM

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New Qt Releases Might Now Be Restricted To Paying Customers For 12 Months

I saw something on PlanetDebian and went to Phoronix for something more solid. 

As far as the newest and latest for KDE - Debian Sid is a bit far behind the curve, so no impact for awhile.  Norbert Preining has set up a repository of newer KDE5 offerings for download, he is using OpenSuse tools to compile.  And for what I actually use, LXQT, probably not a game changer.  But many things will be changed in the future from the little virus.   
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


KDE, vlc, qt for apple and other qt oriented projects agreed to fork and further develop free qt liberties if ever qt company do this.  So no. This won't happen.
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