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(SOLVED)Extra Chinese input method

Started by xingjiapeng, March 30, 2020, 11:03:59 AM

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For enter Chinese, people need a special input method, like fcitx or ibus(most users like fcitx), but Sparky didn't pre-install it in Chinese environment like Ubuntu or other distro.
People use sunpinyin(fcitx-sunpinyin) sogoupinyin(nonfree) or googlepinyin(fcitx-googlepinyin) under fcitx. I hope that SparkyLinux could pre-install fcitx and sunpinyin. Thanks!
Please forgive for my terrible English.


Added to my todo list, so will add it to sparky locales tool.
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From now fcitx, fcitx-sunpinyin, fonts-wqy-microhei can be installed via APTus-> System-> Install Locales tool (v0.47). Are you ok with this, or perhaps you would like  to propose different solution?
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