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why sparky?

Started by jerry99, April 30, 2020, 11:43:20 AM

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First time I worked on computers was 1967 on an IBM /360-20 with 4 kB of memory. 
2001 was the year I met linux first, starting with a S.u.S.e 6.0 that I got from a friend. Then up to Suse10.2, until I got wise that the best thing to upgrade is to reinstall.
I changed to Debian Sarge when I joined a company to introduce linux, because reinstall instead if upgrade is a no go for company servers.
I like Debian because of its transparency, use it with desktop and servers and consider it to be rock solid.  I can live with all its little uncomfortabilities, but sparky is what I have dreamed of: it has debians stability and the little touch of comfort, additionally it supports Wifi-USB-Sticks (good for helping friend with unsupported Wifi-chips)  and my bluetooth headset. It is a little bit like computers heaven on earth.
To all the sparky staff:
Thank you for your work and keep on doing a good job. I hope you will do it for decades.
And whenever I have questions or complaints I will not hesitate to contact you.
So be prepared  ;-)

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