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[SOLVED] question? install conky-all

Started by joemartin, March 28, 2020, 02:18:09 PM

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I just installed Sparky semi-rolling and wanted conky manager.

I had to enable the debian Sid repo to get the package conky-all.  I am assuming that the Sid repo should not be ticked as a permanent repo and stay with Testing?

I got the package I wanted and unticked the repo.  I am assuming that's correct?


EDIT:  As suspected, the solution was temprorarily activate Sid repo and then untick after downloading conky-all.


Yes.  Your assumptions are correct. Stay with testing.
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If you get it up, you can always necropost at  "Show us your conky"  in this forum.  My old #!  (crunchbang) one is lonely.
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