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SOLVED: on Openbox (minimal) Stable, how to toggle between desktops

Started by pccobbler, March 17, 2020, 01:31:56 AM

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I like Openbox (minimal), but there's one really annoying problem. Every now and then I accidentally toggle between Desktop1 and Desktop2. And I have no idea how to toggle back to Desktop1.

What is the shortcut I'm accidentally using?

Is there any way to disable multiple desktops? I will never use them on a laptop.

And yes, I tried searching for an answer, but I guess I did not choose good keywords.


Easiest way to toggle between virtual desktops is to scroll with mouse wheel anywhere on the desktop
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If you have no wheel mouse....or you prefer to use keyboard combos.

Desktop = D

from D2 to D1

hold down Ctrl  Alt and press the left arrow (<-)

It can be  written as C + A + <-

If you are not sure where you are ....holding down C + A and continue to press the <- will take you to D1

Naturally doing C + A + -> swaps to D higher numbers.


I would never have guessed that the wheel caused it, which explains how I did it without knowing it. I use the wheel a lot to scroll.

Thanks for the replies, lami07 and aus9.


yeah I forgot to read your OP correctly
QuoteIs there any way to disable multiple desktops? I will never use them on a laptop


sudo apt install obconf

then test it out using your wheel

a GUI (panel) will open

go down to on the minus sign until the number of desktops is 1

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