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Started by herndon.jeffreys, March 06, 2020, 01:31:37 AM

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What are plans for continuing 32 bit support?  I just noticed today another distro, Q4os, is terminating its support for 32 Bit machines.  Since Q40s promotes itself as a lightweight distro, I was quite surprised.  I still use two 32 bit computers in my work; in the rural area where I work, internet service is so slow (>1 MB/sec) that a 32 bit computer can easily handle it.  It would be a shame to end 32 bit support.


Sparkylinux stable branch will continue to support 32bit machines.
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Thank you SO much! I live in an area surrounded by Amish. Amish don't use the internet, so there Isn't a market for anything faster... so I am grateful for your commitment!

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