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sddm error

Started by constantius, January 02, 2020, 09:47:20 PM

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I have unexpected error when system tried load SDDM-
output from /var/log/user.log
Jan  2 21:20:26 pentiumg4600 sddm[776]: Authentication error: "Process crashed"
21:20:26 pentiumg4600 sddm[776]: Auth: sddm-helper crashed (exit code 15)

output from /var/log/debug
Jan  2 20:50:55 pentiumg4600 sddm-helper[1188]: [PAM] returning.
Jan  2 20:50:55 pentiumg4600 sddm-greeter[860]: Message received from daemon: LoginFailed
Jan  2 20:50:55 pentiumg4600 sddm-helper[1188]: [PAM] Ended.

output from boot.log
Starting Terminate Plymouth Boot Screen...
/dev/sdb2: clean, 224102/2818048 files, 1929647/11263744 blocks
[FAILED] Failed to mount /home/radek/DrugiHD.
See 'systemctl status home-radek-DrugiHD.mount' for details.

That is strange because fstab is correct
/dev/sdb1   /home/radek/DrugiHD    ext4   defaults 0 2
and DrugiHD is correct detected and load

After boot or reboot system go into emergency mode
SDDM is not loaded

This error appearance in unexpected way ( I never know when it be ) Sometimes system boot normal without it

Sparky LINUX Semi-rolling LXQT desktop amd64

you can answer in Polish


Run the command below and paste the result.
sudo systemctl status home-radek-DrugiHD.mount
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radek@pentiumg4600:~$ sudo systemctl status home-radek-DrugiHD.mount
[sudo] hasło użytkownika radek:
● home-radek-DrugiHD.mount - /home/radek/DrugiHD
     Loaded: loaded (/etc/fstab; generated)
     Active: active (mounted) since Thu 2020-01-02 21:20:47 CET; 1h 18min ago
      Where: /home/radek/DrugiHD
       What: /dev/sdb1
       Docs: man:fstab(5)
      Tasks: 0 (limit: 9326)
     Memory: 364.0K
     CGroup: /system.slice/home-radek-DrugiHD.mount

everything seems to be ok ...


any advise? What is wrong?

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