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( Solved ) AmD Ryzen 9 USB Boot fail to startx

Started by burntbiscuits, December 28, 2019, 12:17:01 AM

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I have tried many times to install the live sparkylinux-2019.12-x86_64-minimalgui.iso USB on ton computer without success

the dmesg reads kernel panic

Amd 9 3900x
Asus x570
Nvidia 2080
64gb ddr4 3600
1tb nvme

any suggestions

I have tried these with no luck



Try to format your USB disk in ext3 or ext2. Ext4 format will not succeed on USB installation.
You can also try sparkybonsai (,5143.msg13596.htm), created for USB boot even with its native format (fat32).



Quote from: burntbiscuits on December 28, 2019, 05:51:27 AM
the file system used was fat32
It isn't possible to install sparky minimalgui on fat32 USB disk. Are you sure that youre trying to install on USB disk?
Sparky bonsai can install in a USB stick (even fat32 formatted) with frugal install, using a .dat file to store changes.


the live sparkylinux-2019.12-x86_64-minimalgui.iso usb that was made to install on desktop keeps hanging then kernel panic

is there any way to update the kernel or downgrade kernel to get Zen to work on my Ryzen 9 chip   


64 GB of memory, wow, 

Have you checked on Debian (and to a lesser extent on Ubuntu or Arch) forums if others have had similar problems with kernels. 

Have you tried any other linux distros.  Older stable ones probably will not support your ( I believe) quite new kit especially the CPU.  The Debian weekly testing iso with non-free firmware included might work. 

I do not know offhand how to send instructions to use a different kernel.  Others might post hopefully.

From July

QuoteWe're not going to pretend we understand even remotely what's going on here, but various current distros we've tried simply won't boot, due to a fleet of errors we've never seen before. Something is clearly broken, but seemingly only in the newer distros. AMD is aware of this, so it should not persist for long.

QuoteLooking ahead to Linux 5.4 late in 2019, that's where there is the possibility of Zen 2 performance changes due to AMD's new CPPC CPUFreq driver as one performance-sensitive change pending, but we'll see what else comes about and other optimizations now that more Linux developers are getting their hands on these impressive processors.

and in Debian forums

My initial comment above about newer hardware being often better with newer kernels might be incorrect in your case.   Another for you would be to try the Sparky Stable line. 

My search of AMD 3900x in debian forums yielded one response  However Ryzen 3900x had many more matches. 

Of course the panic might not be the kernel but the Nividia.  I can offer no help on that as I leave users of Nividia to help other users of Nvidia. 

Peace out,
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


apparently the bios was causing the issue
downgraded and renable settings in bios
all is working

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