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<SOLVED> Installation of Sparky Linux w/980Mb of RAM & without Internet Access

Started by GeryT, December 04, 2019, 03:50:32 AM

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Hello :) I am a new Sparkylinux fan. I love this distro because it is fast, beautifully minimalistic, and preloaded with great apps. Sparkylinux LXQT 32bits is my No1 distro for resurrecting old PCs. However I have a remark: why asking at the beginning of installation for 1Gb of RAM and internet connection? Some old PCs have 2 sticks of 512MB, and some times after booting there is 980Mb RAM left for the system. For some reasons, some PCs may not be connected to the internet during Sparkylinux installation. I believe many old PC owners are today stopped from successfully installing Sparkylinux 32bits because of these two requirements. I am sure Sparkylinux can be installed with 980MB of RAM and without internet connection. Other lightweight distros can do it. Can someone let me know if there is a way around the standard installation procedure, or if a reviewed installation procedure will be released any soon? Many thanks for your replies.


Been awhile.  my lxqt on atom with one 1 Gb stick inside had no problems, that is a few years ago.   Things may have changed.   
   Question - does it actually stop at some point and either freeze or cancel due to being an incremental amount of bytes less than 1 Gb.  If so please post the error messages.

I always thought the "requirements" were recommendations.  (excepting that 64 bit systems will not run on a 32 bit cpu).  Please document what happened. 
Search forum for "More info easier via inxi"    If requested -  no inxi, no help for you by  me.


Quotewhy asking at the beginning of installation for 1Gb of RAM and internet connection?
Those are requirements of Calamares - distro-independent installer framework.

Users who do not meet those requirements can install sparky with help of sparky-installer

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Hi :) Thanks for your prompt reply. It show how dynamic Sparkylinux's forum is :) I get no error message from Linux, but from the installer program checking the memory available and the internet access before installing. If not enough or not available, the installation stops right there. I find it regrettable as I am sure that, similarly to other super light weight distros, Sparkylinux can install with 980MB available and no immediate internet access. Internet updates should always be possible afterwards. I have no solution for going beyond this hurdle. I am open to any solution.

PS. A lot of bulletproof old computers run on 512MB or 1GB of RAM (1 or 2 sticks of 512MB), and this means that Sparkylinux is missing out on this installed based. Maybe it is deliberate...


Thanks for the solution. I am a new Linux user. I will try installing Sparkylinux with the 'advanced_installer'. I am not sure I will survive it but I will give it a go :) Cheers.

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