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Author Topic: looks promising.  (Read 415 times)

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looks promising.
« on: December 09, 2019, 08:23:17 pm »
that was the foremost reason to check out Sparky. i'm michael. or, "that numbers guy". long story, but that kind of nickname stuck with me for reasons.
anyway. i'm a windows dude, loved games even in the early 90s. 95, 98, xp, then 7, then .. still 7 ;p just whatever useful as a platform to run games on. well, games to play with friends.
linux, back in the days, no chance. what i had, was a one copy of a life knoppix, like v3 or so if memory serves, for Teh Rescue of a failed windows install, things like redo a mbr and such.
anything past that, as in, really work with linux..? too many whiteknights. too many holier-than-thou guys. in the early linux years, no game we played ever ran on anything, and asking experienced linux users for help ended in aforementioned "too many's".
took me a while to find out, nowadays it's not yet another set of gazillion text commands to do stuff in linux. omg they have GUI, and it's working.
neato. mostly, i can choose what to and what not to install. that ended with windows time ago. i just LOVE the ability to say No.
now, with "outdated" equipment, i found myself stuck with dozens of versions to try out. i will have to use at least two different approaches.
one P4 based i845 Siemens E series, only runs acceptable under windows xp or q4 32bit which may or may not go out of support some day.
one Athlon FX dual core something, will be dual boot xp and .. no idea maybe a 32bit stable Sparky? if it lasts.
this here, FX quad core, runs as of now, win7 and Sparky gameover in dual, will have to stock up on RAM (8GB seems little), haven't really tried running games. overall it seems smooth, and has alot out of the box. which, if i decide to not need it, is optional.
finally i have back the ability to choose. i like that. even if that means, back to school.
this ends walloftxt.
p.s. if you need something translated, en-de or de-en, poke me.
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