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Hello from Ohio

Started by cstolarik, November 25, 2019, 08:33:15 PM

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First of all I just downloaded the rolling distro of sparkylinux on my laptop recently and been playing around with it to get a feel for it.  I was a previous windows user who started having issues with the constant problems of things being installed or removed without me doing that.  I switched to linux after trying several different distros mostly the Ubuntu distros only to find that they are not my taste as I am a gamer and need to be able to run certain games on my system.  I do have a bit of experience with linux as I had to use it in college as they did stuff on red hat but that is far as my experience goes.  After multiple iso's being tested I determined that sparky was the correct distro for me.  Hoping to continue using this distro for many years to come as the interface is something I am able to utilize effectively while still allowing the other people who use my laptop the familiarity of the interface without much change.  Another reason I chose sparky is because of the ability to play windows style games which opens up the ability for me to still play the games I love.  I am looking forward to the improvements and updates of sparky as I can see this distro going for long periods of time since it is geared towards gaming.

Look forward to receiving help from users and helping users achieve the best experience possible.


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Thanks for the welcome and hope to learn alot from these forums

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