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Sparky Linux Game Over, ToRam will it allow to delete fat32 partition ?

Started by Skybuck, November 11, 2019, 03:28:02 PM

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Sparky Linux Game Over Edition and others have this options during boot:

Toram, apperently means "to RAM", a quick google shows this will load the LIVE CD into RAM.

My question is:

Will this allow to delete fat32 partition on usb stick, so sparky can still be installed to same usb stick from ram ?

(Maybe this will help with preventing after installation of booting into installer again instead of full OS, which is a problem right now on old system, see other threads about this).



Never tested like this.
But both installers copy files from mounted media so I really hopy it could work from RAM, but as I said I never tested like that yet...
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