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Author Topic: What does Rufus "add fixes for old BIOSes (extra parition, align, etc)" do ?!?  (Read 317 times)

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I would like to get Sparky Linux Game Over edition working on/installed on an USB stick of 128 GB.

The plan is to boot into usb stick/sparky linux and then install sparky linux onto same usb stick.

I need this usb stick/installation to work on an old system from 2006: Socket 939 motherboard, AMD X2 3800+ dual core processor, 4 GB ram, Creative X-Fi Elite soundblaster, Realtek audio chip and NVIDIA GT 1030 graphics card.

(I want to try run Star Wars Battlefront 2 from 2017, hoping that this newer graphics card might work, though perhaps the processor is to old to run this game).

My question is:

1. How can I tell if my/this old computer needs this BIOS fix ?!

2. What does this BIOS fix do ? It seems to add a mini partition of 36 kb ?

3. It seems to cause the USB stick to be detected as an harddisk instead of removeable in BIOS boot menu screen options ?

4. It cannot be deleted during Sparky Install.

5. Where should boot loader be installed in this case ? On the FAT32, 4 GB partition ? Or Primary \ ? or mini partition of 36k ? or dev\whatever it says first ?

This is very mystical to me.

Bye for now,

Offline Skybuck

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Developer of rufus replies on github.

Apperently it adds a mini-partition and this is only necessary for bios that is from before 2000.

I am not sure how to tell if bios is from before or after.

But copyright message says Copright 1985 to 2003 or so... for phoenix bios.

So I guess I am in luck, so this old bios fix is and was not needed for my old socket 939 system.

Sparky Linux running fine with: noapic boot options... (noapic must be written with small letters)

Add it to linux /boot blablabla noapic at the end, by going into E for editor and control-X to boot it finally when boot option is added in menu select at boot time.

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