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Sparky on older P4

Started by LightPenguin, October 09, 2019, 11:46:18 PM

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Hello Dears!
Recently I found some RAM for free so I re-start to use my HP Zd8000, P4 3,0Ghz HT with 2Gb RAM (original 512Mb). I know it's older, but his 17" widescreen LCD it's truly beautiful compared to a 14" screen!

In this moment I run Linux Mint Debian "Betsy" with MATE, it works good but  I think it's possible a little step.
When I log in it use 320-350Mb of Ram then when I go to Internet Ram goes up to 1Gb.
I use this as my main PC so it's necessary  that I can play flash, h264 and 265 videos. For browsing i prefer Opera.
Sparky could be better? What version?  It's better Openbox or LXqt for lightweight? Thank You


hey there, done some digging, there is still a Sparky 4.11 MinimalGUI in the /downloads/oldstable if you want a GUI.
myself, i'm still trying to figure out what's best for some old Siemens P4 which currently runs as media box.


You don't need an older version of sparky, P4 will run any 32bit non-pae edition. Download minimalGUI stable 32bit non-pae and try it


well i'm not experienced in that field. my main concern with the ancient systems is the performance.
the throughput across older Siemens mainboards isn't great; they were built for Win2k or XP use
in some average office environment, with low noise and high energy efficiency as selling point.
that's the Siemens E series, green PCs. (Fujutsu-Siemens E600)

i'm not sure about the HW performance with the mentioned HP notebook; for my Siemens, the 5.9 stable
seems a bit heavy, aka sluggish, with just the boot into DE. i'm still learning.


When I see your RAM, I say, I need a lot like you, because I have 3,46Gb but With all my app I have 1,74Gb of RAM used. And I don't know how to use less than on the startup, because now I have midori and google chromium open.. And it's very slowly. I can't watch movie in HD ! It's like an
slideshow... My computer is : AMD E2-1800 APU with Radeon(tm) HD Graphics and my model of my computer is : HP Pavilion g6 Notebook PC (E3C53EA#ABF)

And I can't read a CDROM with LiveCD of an installation about Lubuntu... my DVD is : DVD-RAM writer, HP , DVD A  DS8A9SH
I don't have UEFI boot for this computer... It's disabled for my installation of Windows 8 and Sparkylinux.  (here on this pastebin my configment for my setup laptop : )

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