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Hello from Florida

Started by ryan, September 29, 2019, 07:28:04 PM

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Got back into the Linux world last year with Raspberry PI's and wanted to take it up a notch with Linux on a more powerful desktop. Bought a refurbished Dell desktop earlier this year and tried many distros, but Sparky seems to be the best fit for me. Used the fixed release with LXDE desktop at first, but now have semi-rolling release with XFCE desktop. I use it for doing some light development in Java, Kornshell, Perl, Python, PHP, and MySQL. Just hobbyist stuff right now. I have Parrot Linux loaded on a refurbished laptop I bought to practice some pentesting, but may load Sparky on that one too.


Hi there. Welcome to the community.
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Hi and Thank You for the Welcome!


Finally loaded Sparky on my laptop, so I now have Sparky on my desktop and laptop. I played with Manjaro and Xubuntu on my laptop, but Sparky is best for me for now. I liked Manjaro, but not quite what I was looking for in a Linux distro. I just didn't care for Xubuntu. Not a big fan of the Ubuntu distros.

It would be nice to know the long term goals of SparkyLinux. Where do the developers see it in 10 - 20 years? So many Linux distros come and go. Would be nice to think that Sparky will outlast me.

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