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Problem installing SparkyLinux

Started by GilbertJobs, September 18, 2019, 01:20:43 PM

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Yesterday, my laptops motherboard gave out so I had to pull out a laptop I got about 4 years ago (ASUS Transformer book). It doesn't have much RAM or space so I tried putting on SparkyLinux rather than Mint, which is what I was using on my previous laptop. When I did though I get the installation to about 90% then hit the error message in the picture below. I then tried again and hit the same message. Though it did delete Windows from my laptop, so now I can't really use it unless running from a USB. So if I could get any help I would greatly appreciate it and you'd probably save my grades from a nose dive. So much appreciated!


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If you used the standard - Calamares install (Linux Mint also uses Calamares) please try the "Advanced Installer".  That might work

Which one - what is the model of your Transformer.  There are several.

Which version of Sparky?  5? 6?  Which variety  (minimal gui, LXQT XFCE, cli)? 

Does it work in USB mode?

You said it was older.  For older machinery Sparky 5 is the conservative way to do install.  Sparky 6 often requires a stronger knowledge of linux. 

It is probably not that old - but was your Windows version 32 bit or 64 bit
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