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Hello from Oklahoma City!

Started by simplio, August 11, 2019, 12:24:18 PM

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I am Simplio from oklahoma City. I love software defined radio and an ex-windows user. I am learning to grow fond of linux. I like the Debian flavor because I found out through trial and error that Debian + Dell Latitude D610= ;D

I use OP25 for decoding APCO P25 PI and PII TDMA systems to hear police chases. What I hear goes in one ear and out the other. I use two RTL-SDR's for the radio interfaces. They basically take a swath of radio spectrum received through the antenna and convert it into language the OS knows then using software like OP25 to make it listenable. Other things like listening to the local NOAA Weather Radio frequency can be done using GQRX or a simple rtl_fm line of args. HAM-DMR using GQRX interfaced to DSD 1.7. ADS-B (seeing aircraft realtime on a map) using programs like Dump-1090. Fun hobby.

I am bragging about SparkyLinux when I say running OP25 on a 13 year old machine has NO buffer underruns!

I also have 3 shortwave radio receivers that I don't use a computer for because shortwave is sensitive to computer noises.

Thats all for my intro. Just basically what I use Linux for. I am still new to it and scratching my head and keeping headache medicine close by LOL!

God Bless,


Hi and welcome to the community
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