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Name question about Sparky-Rolling

Started by kanliot, July 13, 2019, 08:25:00 AM

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I've been running Sparky-Rolling for about 6 months.  Probably my best Linux experience, that I've ever had.

So what do I call Sparky-Rolling now, that it's based on Debian 10, and not Debian testing?   I'm talking about the recent Debian release, and how it impacts SparkyLinux.   How about using this name: Sparky10.   Also, If there was an Announcement about this, did I miss it?


Sparky 5 rolling switched to Sparky 5 stable now, and is based on Debian stable 10 "Buster".

If you would like to keep Sparky rolling, you have to install 'sparky6-apt' package and keep Debian 'testing' repos, check here:
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Ok, thanks for the link.  I misread the link the first time, because I didn't understand that it was telling me how to upgrade to Sparky 5 stable, or to upgrade to Sparky 5 rolling, in the case where the sparky-apt package didn't do one of these automatically. 

I've never had to use APTus  (

I kind of assumed something was wrong when "APTus upgrade checker" didn't fix everything.

Anyhow, I've never really had a problem with SparkyLinux, and I don't consider this a problem, but only me (finding myself confused)

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