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What is really good!

Started by Mic_a, July 21, 2019, 04:33:44 PM

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Coming from Windows I am using now since nearly 5 years linux operations systems - testing a lot of distributions at that time! Until last week I used 2 notebooks with 5 different operating systems for specific cases.

One of these OS was always Sparky Linux - on a very old netbook (but on the developement channel there were to many updates). Now I replaced two other OS also with Sparky - actually 3 of my 5 OS are Sparky Linux !! (for the tax application I need Windows and actually my main OS is still Manjaro until Antergos retired).

I justed wanted to point out that this is the first time in that 5 years that one linux OS seems to be the perfect solution for several purposes (in my case). The system is running so fast on my old hardware that I can use it as it is a new one and the LXQt rolling edition is running so nice that it is a very nice OS also for my faster hardware. The minimal GUI is a nice idea and fullfills my needs! The installation and arrangement was much easier and faster and until now I didn't had problems with the hardware (which is sometimes the case using arch). I haven't tried Gnome or something like that until now, I had problems with XFCE, I didn't used the stable edition because testing seems to be perfect! But now ubuntu is away !  ;/

So thanks a lot for your work - hopefully this project will find an essential place on the market soon!

My suggestion for the future is to do a step into security direction for normal end users - as they probably ask if Sparky is there also the right solution.


Thanks. We are glad you like it.
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