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First Wallpapers for Sparky Linux

Started by swarfendor437, May 24, 2019, 10:22:58 PM

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Hello fellow Sparkyans!

My first wallpapers - hope you like them (all 1920 x 1200):


Nothing is easy as it looks. Danielle Steel
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The dog image didn't load correctly  in firefox.  :(

I think the sparky logo is too large.   Pick an image that feels 'calm and stable'  and then put the logo where it doesn't subtract from the calm and stable feeling.
maybe this image ^^
from here ^^

also, don't use shades of grey in the logo. 


Agree about the logo, there's no need of shades of gray, A dynamic "sparkish" shape is all you need.
Here's my suggestion based on Fibonacci's spiral:

and some wallpapers using this one:
1920x1200 (a nice freestock picture):
1920x1080 (the "fullmoon" of Boris Vallejo on a space nebula picture):
1920x1080 (PS game "days gone"):
1024x600 (the Higgs boson):


Here are some generic wallpapers that I submitted for 1+ Community August shots:

Enjoy!  ;D

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